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Sustainability is not only an idea we like to apply to our business model, but also in Company daily life we act in a more sustainable way with the purpose to preserve and give our contribution to the territory.

It begins from the smallest things such as…

Recycling cardboard boxes. We use to reuse cardboard boxes up to eight or nine times for our business client shipments. The process includes the compression of the old box and the shaping of a new one.

So a single box can be use up to nine times with a great saving of natural and economic resources.

To arrive at bigger projects such as…

From May 2011 Space 2000 has five photovoltaic plants. Each of them has a power of 100 watt. They cover the Company area for a total amount of 5.000 square meters. Until May 2017 we produced 2.7 million kw. This is not just a number. The fact is that Space 2000 reduces greenhouse gases of 1.6 milion kg.

By now we are producing 4 times more energy than what we are consuming.

This is a great result in terms of reducing pollution emissions, green policy and energy saving.

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