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Starting in the Seventies, Giancarlo Musso got into the leather business selling leather carpets to small furniture shops and storing the goods in his parents garage.

Next step, He bought a warehouse in Torino and started looking for more trades in far regions, like India as leather supplier.

In 1985 he made almost a million in commission only and He founded Space. The name signified a place where business can move without boundaries, no limits in term of products and markets. Two years after he added 2000 to the name, as he thought either time shouldn't be limited.

In January 1991 responding to a hidden demand of sportswear leather jackets founded Bomboogie.

In three years the brand was sold in 800 shops and came out as the leader product in Italian market for leather jackets.


In the Nineties his two sons Cristiano and Manuele joined the Company.

In 1994 the French designer Paul Mistretta joined Space 2000 and He started creating the roots of a styling office. He is the actual Art Creator of Space 2000.

The same years, a second brand named Censured was launched, offering similar styles in cheaper material at lower prices. Trying to segment the demand and serving other shops in the same territories.

In 2004 Cristiano e Manuele became managing directors of Space 2000. Changed fiscal consultant, hired new CFO and developed new activities.

Five years later revenues increased from 9 mil to 22 mil Euro, direct employers from 20 to 60.

"It is not important what you do, not the product itself but how you do it, and the values behind what you are doing. Otherwise your business won’t get far".

MD, Manuele Musso